Repeat Champions




Recycle, Repeat, Reward!


Anybody that has participated in sports, likely has trophies and/or medals sitting in a box somewhere around the house. Instead of just collecting dust, what if those awards could be recycled and used to bring a smile to young athletes in our community, that don’t have the resources or opportunities to participate in recreational sports?

A trophy on a young athlete’s dresser will have a positive impact on their life, and can help them achieve a sense of real accomplishment.

If you have any old trophies or medals, that you no longer want, Repeat Champions will pick them up and bring them back to life by giving them to children in our community, and abroad.

Please visit for detail.

To donate, and arrange a pickup, please email

To donate, and drop off items in person, please go to our warehouse sponsor’s,

Gerry’s Roofing & Morley Windows at 49 Morley Street, Hamilton Downtown or

AMA Roofing Supplies at 130 Hempstead Drive, Hamilton Mtn.



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