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Tina Gravina


Tina Gravina, as the founder of Passion Dental Hygiene, has devoted over 25 years in the dental field. As an Independent Dental Hygienist she is committed to providing optimal oral health care for her clients through a caring and gentle manner. As evident by her continuing education pursuits and her daily delivery of quality dental hygiene care, Tina is dedicated to her clients and ensures that every visit with her is a pleasant and a relaxing experience.

Prior to pursuing a career in Dental Hygiene, Tina was a graduate from McMaster University, where she obtained a B.A in Sociology. Upon completion of her degree she pursued her dream of being a Registered Dental Hygienist, by first obtaining her diploma in Dental Assisting at Career Canada, in which she worked as Dental Assistant for 5 years. Then in 1993, she received her diploma in Dental Hygiene at Fanshawe College. Since then Tina has been a proud member of the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association, Ontario Dental Hygiene Association, Hamilton and District Dental Hygiene Association.

After 20 years of working in private practice, Tina became authorized to self-initiate, by the College of Dental Hygienist of Ontario in 2012.  After working as an associate in Independent Dental Hygiene Clinics, Tina pursued her dream of opening Passion Dental Hygiene.

Be daring, be passionate and persistently pursue your dreams.” 

This quote is what Tina lives by. By opening Passion Dental Hygiene, December 2015, Tina was able to pursue her dream.  Tina’s passion and commitment to dental hygiene is evident in her desire to help others in achieving overall health by ensuring that her client maintain optimal oral health. Your health is very important to Tina. This is also evident in her clientele following. She has had the opportunity to serve most of her clients through out most of her career as Dental Hygienist. Many have followed her through her journey in pursuing her dream.

In her education pursuits, Tina has had the opportunity to upgrade her skills to provide her clients with outstanding dental hygiene care.  This started early in her career where she took many courses in Soft Tissue Management. This is a structured approach to nonsurgical periodontal therapy that is customized for each and every individual she cares for. The health of your mouth can be the first sign of health issues in other parts of your body. Often, diseases like cancer or diabetes can cause oral problems. She will work with her clients to establish a care plan that will include disease prevention, therapeutic interventions and appropriate referrals to the many health care professional she collaborates with. She will also develop a personal oral self-care program for you that should become a daily habit. With this team approach between Tina and her clients she continues to be passionate about the dental hygiene care she provides.

At Passion Dental Hygiene, Tina Gravina and her team will meet and exceed your oral health care needs. She looks forward to spending many years, not only as your dental hygienist but as a friend.